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Xiaomi Mijia Electirc Air Compressor Pump

Xiaomi Mijia Electirc Air Compressor Pump

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Precision Inflation: Explore the cutting-edge accuracy of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Air Compressor Pump, boasting an impressive tire pressure detection accuracy of ±1psi. Experience precise inflation tailored to your needs, whether you're inflating bike tires or car tires on the go.

Swift Performance: Highlight the quick inflation capabilities of the Mi Home Inflator 2, capable of inflating a 700c road bike tire in just 86 seconds or a 205/55 R16 car tire in approximately 8 minutes. Enjoy efficient inflation under various ambient temperatures, ensuring reliable performance wherever you are.

Portable Powerhouse: Discuss the portability of the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Air Compressor Pump, weighing just about 490g (excluding certain attachments) for effortless transport. Despite its compact size, it delivers powerful inflation, making it an indispensable companion for cyclists and motorists alike.

Versatile Usage: Showcase the versatility of the inflator pump, capable of adjusting 10 car tires by 0.5 bar in just 2 minutes each or inflating two tires from zero to 2.5 bar on a single charge. Experience convenience and efficiency during your travels, whether for daily commutes or outdoor adventures.

Built-in LED Feature: Highlight the practicality of the built-in LED feature, illuminating your tasks and ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. Transforming it from a tool to an essential component of every travel kit, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Air Compressor Pump offers convenience and peace of mind on the road.


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