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Revitalize Your Body, Unwind Your Mind.


✔Complete Neck and Shoulder Massage: Six claws and two 3D massage head configurations to cover the neck, shoulders and trapezius muscles, providing relaxation and relief from fatigue.

✔Advanced Human Hand Technology: It simulates the massage of a masseur, offering a deep experience of alternately grabbing, pinching and kneading, relieving the discomfort caused by prolonged time with hunched shoulders and neck.

✔Customizable Modes for Different Needs: It offers two modes and two speeds for symptomatic massages, catering to different intensity preferences. Kneading mode for relaxation and calming mode with intelligent recognition.

✔Enhanced Hot Compress: With two stable heating levels, it improves the massage effect, allowing tense neck muscles to quickly relax.

✔Ergonomic and Versatile Design: Features a retractable strap and back buckle to adjust the massage position manually or secure it for use during activities. Allows hands-free massage.

✔Full Body Massage:In addition to shoulders and neck, it is versatile enough to massage legs, hands, waist and other areas of the body, providing a complete relaxation experience.

Revitalize Your Well-being, Unwind with BlissfulSpa – Your Sanctuary of Electric Neck and Back Massage Bliss


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